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What Are Vision Boards?

Fun and crafty tools for organizing and achieving your goals in a visual format. I’ll take, “what are vision boards?” for 500, Alex. (aww, may his memory be a blessing.)

A vision board might seem like a good excuse to get some scissors and a glue stick and go nuts cutting out some pictures from magazines and sticking them to a board like a kid with a craft project. And, okay, you’re right, it is. 

BUT, it’s also a legitimate tool for helping you set and achieve strategic goals for yourself, your life, or your business.

A vision board is simply a way to visually lay out some goals for yourself. These can be for the next month or the next year, whatever works best for you. The timeline doesn’t matter, but your level of commitment does. The more value you place on your vision board and the more you believe in it as a legitimate means of helping you, the more you will get out of it.

But, what are vision boards? 

A vision board is exactly what it sounds like: a physical board that you can attach inspirational or motivational pictures, quotes, colors, cutouts, or anything else to. In piecing together a sort of collage of things you find meaningful, you build a visual and physical object that’s meant to remind you of your goals and help keep you inspired to achieve them.

How Do I Make A Vision Board?

You’ll need just a few things: a board (this can be cardboard, poster board, a shadowbox, whatever), some craft materials, and whatever you find inspirational and reminiscent of your goals. 

If you’re not crafty or don’t want to seek out materials, you can even go digital and simply copy and paste images and quotes into a document for yourself! (But, physical is more fun… because when’s the last time you used glitter with purpose??)

Ask yourself a few key questions to better identify your personal goals…

  • What have I already accomplished and how did I do it?
  • What do I still hope to accomplish?
  • What changes would I like to see in my life?
  • What am I passionate about?

You’ll want to set goals that are achievable and that you feel strongly about so that you stay enthused, motivated, and focused. Once you lose interest, you’re left with just a weird, eccentric art piece.

Don’t clutter your vision board. If you bite off more than you can chew, you’ll get overwhelmed. Focus on just a few, key goals and really explore them in depth.

If your goal is to save $5,000 in the next year, you might add some pictures of bulky, cartoony bags of money with big dollar signs on them or print out a giant Jeff Bezos head. 

If you want to take more vacations, paint on some palm trees and spritz some coconut body spray over that bad boy. 

Your vision board is yours to do with as you please (obviously, since you are queen of the world). Do what works for you. Make it clear. Make it concise. Make it achievable.

When you’re done with it, put it somewhere you can see it! You want to look at it as often as possible so that you’re consistently reminded of your goals. Make the pictures or text big and catchy so that your eye is naturally drawn to it every time you pass by.

If you’re feeling a lack of creativity, take a deep dive into Pinterest for some vision board ideas. Every possible vision board in the world exists on there. Exercise caution, though. You can easily waste five hours scrolling through other people’s boards when you could spend that time doing your own visualizing!

Will It Really Help?

Yes! Putting your goals visually on paper can help you achieve them. Even Oprah endorses it! Though, apparently she has evolved past the need for a vision board and has instead gone straight to manifesting. Weird brag, but ok. 

Really, it works. And that’s because visualization is one of the most powerful things you can do. A study in Psychology Today found that brain patterns in weightlifters were the same when a weightlifter actually lifted a hundred pounds as when they only visualized lifting. They found that visualization was almost as effective as physical practice!

This means you can improve attitude, mentality, and even skills just by thinking about things. Our brains are awesome. 

Overall, putting your thoughts onto a vision board lets you see what your goals will look like once you achieve them so that you stay motivated. And, it’s fun.

So, the next time someone asks you, “Hey, what are vision boards?” you better not say “a waste of paper.” Your vision board is a strategic and effective way to conceptualize and achieve your goals… and an excuse to use glitter as an adult.

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