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The Top Women Worries

Honestly, I’m a big worrier. I worry about things I can control, I worry about things I can’t control, I worry about my own stuff, I worry about other people’s stuff. I’ve got women worries, y’all.

It’s fun.

If you’re thinking that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that women worry more than men. We’re just programmed for it. 

We store information and use it to inform our decisions. If we’ve had a bad experience with something, we assume it will happen again. If we’ve had a good experience, we can move forward with that same activity again without stress.

We most often make decisions based on facts and data because that’s something we can control. When uncertainty is involved, that’s when stress is at its highest.

Let’s face it, there are no two bigger question marks in the world of women worries than 1) pregnancy and 2) money.

These might be the biggest worries we’ll face in our entire lives because they’re the most uncertain.

There’s no way to guarantee how your family planning or financial future will work out. The how’s, why’s, and what if’s of both of these things can be overwhelming.

While these worries are equally stressful, you might be surprised to find that their solution is also very similar.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with the pregnancy stuff. But, we can help ease your anxiety about money.

Worried Sick (Literally)

It’s no big secret that worrying is bad for your health. But, it can be really serious — and even deadly.

Studies show that financial distress has a greater impact on women than men, leading to increased psychological distress. This in turn leads to lower self esteem, higher rates of unhappiness, and a big portion of the population that feels unequipped to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

Chronic worrying can affect your daily life so much that it may interfere with your appetite, relationships, sleep, and even your job performance. Those who worry excessively might also find themselves so overcome with anxiety that they turn to harmful habits — overeating, smoking, or abusing drugs and alcohol, for example.

Death rates among middle-aged women in the U.S. have been climbing since 1999. Drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning, and suicide are some of the most common causes. 

Unemployment, the burden of debt, and other financial worries are directly linked to mental and physical health, making them important factors to look at when we try to understand why these death rates continue to climb.

In a study conducted in 2016, the top financial concern was college tuition (56% of participants), closely followed by paying for retirement (49% of participants). Over 24,000 people were surveyed and all of them were stressed as hell about money! That sucks!

We know these statistics aren’t fun, but they lead us to an important question: what can we do to help alleviate women’s worries more often and accessibly?

The Answer? Plan!

When you’re getting ready to have a baby, what do you do? Panic? Maybe. But, more importantly, you make a PLAN!

The plan is important because you probably have a million questions that lead to a lot of fear and uncertainty.

What if something is wrong with the baby? How will you take care of the baby once it’s born? How will you get to the hospital? What if you go into labor too early? How will you pay for the things the baby needs? The list of worries goes on and on.

You’re about to bring a whole human into the world! You gotta get it together — fast! And, on top of that, you have to deal with the toll it’s taking on your mental and physical health.

The only way to alleviate that stress is to answer every single one of those questions and have a game plan for each of them. Maybe even a back-up game plan for when life just happens (cause it will).

So, What Do These Women Worries Have to Do With Anything?

 Newsflash, girlfriend. Your financial worries are no different.

Just like you’d want to take your birth plan into your own hands, give your financial health the same special treatment. Don’t leave it to a random financial advice dude or a free website. Create a hands-on plan that you design and implement. 

The more structure you give yourself for your financial future, the less stressed you will be. Because nothing eliminates worry like eliminating uncertainty.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. We want to help you make your very own Infinite Income plan — so that you don’t have to stress about money ever again. One quick call and you’ll have a concrete plan to deal with your financial concerns for life.

When you have a plan, you can put those pesky women worries behind you and look ahead to a future where you have complete control of your life and your finances. 

Woman worrier? More like woman warrior.

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