Category: Retirement Planning

How is Social Security Calculated?

how is social security calculated

You’ve been working hard all your life and paying diligently into Social Security. But how do you know how much you can count on each month? That, my friend, is the biggest mystery in retirement planning – how is social security calculated? You need to know how Social Security is calculated so you can make…

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What is a Lifecycle Fund? The Great Retirement Simplifier

what is a lifecycle fund

Everywhere you look, you probably have people telling you that you need to start planning for retirement. Your parents, your friends, even TV ads – all of them stressing the importance of building a stable financial future for yourself. But how can you possibly add managing your retirement investments to the list of responsibilities you’re…

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How to Start Saving for Retirement

saving for retirement

Saving for retirement can be an incredibly daunting task. However, unless you were born into money or won the lottery, saving for retirement is basically mandatory. The path to investing for retirement is only made more difficult by the complicated and confusing language surrounding retirement accounts. Much of the literature available in terms of personal…

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The Decision: Roth or Traditional IRA?

traditional versus roth ira

We’ve talked about making the call between a 401k vs a Roth IRA retirement account, but what if we add an extra decision to your plate by telling you that you can also choose between a Roth versus Traditional IRA? Don’t panic! We’re throwing more information at you, yes, but an informed girl is a…

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What is the 4% Rule?

4% rule

Did you know that once you’ve retired the government requires you to sell off 4% of your retirement money every year thanks to the “4% rule?” Yay, another arbitrary rule to live by, amirite? The 4% rule has a long and kinda complicated history. It’s supposed to be a way to determine how much retirement…

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Roth IRA vs 401k: Help Me Choose

roth ira vs 401k

Retirement. Yeah, it feels confusing and complicated and you might have heard terms like “Roth IRA” and “401k” thrown around and then quickly filed them under “acronyms I’m never going to understand.” But, that’s why we’re going to explain what the heck the difference is between a Roth IRA vs 401k retirement account. Plus, we’ll…

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Retirement for Single Women

retirement for single women

Is retirement for single women really different? That’s a question I get asked a lot. And, unfortunately, the answer is yes. Here’s why. Women have to work hard for what they need and even harder to keep what they have. Saving for retirement is no different. You might be thinking, “Well, sure, but everyone works…

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