Ep 5 The One About Fees

Show Notes Mutual funds, index funds, and financial advisors all have one thing in common… Fees.And lots of them. In this episode, I discuss… The two big buckets of fees you pay to own mutual funds – annual fund operating expenses…

Ep 3 The One About the Pink Tax

the pink tax

Show Notes Despite our continuing best efforts, there are still some major discrepancies between living life as a man and living life as a woman. And Finances are a big one. Huge. Ever heard of “the pink tax”? It’s a…

Ep 2 The One About Financial Literacy

financial literacy

Show Notes In this episode, we’re talking about financial literacy specifically for women. The statistics are pretty depressing. According to CNBC, nearly half of Americans don’t expect to have enough money to retire comfortably and the Federal Reserve says that…

Ep 1 The Trailer

Introducing the My Money My Freedom podcast! Show Notes Financial coach Susan Lassiter-Lyons unpacks and simplifies all things money and investing so that you’ll always have more than enough to live your best life, for life

We Help Successful Women Set Up Investment Plans That Produce All The Income They Need to Live Their Best Life, For Life.