We Got Perks!

Here’s a curated list of tools and resources we recommend. We do our best to get great perks for you. Sometimes they’re free, sometimes they’re paid, and sometimes you get bonuses. Check out the list and see if there’s something that catches your eye.

Full Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links and we will earn a commission when you purchase. There is no additional cost to you. Our promise to you is that we only recommend stuff that we use (or have used) personally and have fully checked out.

Stock Brokerages

Fidelity is my main broker. I have several IRA accounts there that hold the bulk of my retirement portfolio. I recommend opening a Roth IRA and a brokerage account. You need both because the maximum you can deposit to a Roth account is $6,000 a year ($7,000 if you’re over 50) and to deposit more you’ll typically put it in a brokerage account.

Schwab is my secondary broker. I have a brokerage account there that I use for trading options. You can trade in an individual account like I have or in an IRA (Roth or Traditional).

Robinhood is my third broker. There is no minimum deposit and they offer fractional share investing so that you don’t have to buy a whole share of stock you can buy a fraction of it. And Robinhood allows us to invest in IPO’s – new companies that typically only the big guys can invest in. I have a special deal with Robinhood so that you get a FREE STOCK when you sign up and link your bank account through this link.

Sofi Invest is my fourth broker. I’m starting to think I have a problem. 🤷🏻‍♀️  It’s a stock trading app featuring stocks, funds, and crypto. I use this for crypto only.


Fundrise is my favorite crowdfunding platform specializing in commercial real estate like apartments and office buildings. ?  They offer private, off-market investments and real estate investment trusts (REITs). They currently offer 10 proprietary REITs and Funds by geographic area and investment style. They also offer a “Starter Portfolio” with just a $500 minimum investment if you want to try it out here.

Wefunder is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms where you can invest in private startups and local small businesses. Wefunder also has excellent investor education and plenty of opportunities to choose from – everything from skin care to artificial intelligence – with investments as low as $100.

Groundfloor is a fix & flip loan crowdfunding platform. 🛠  Groundfloor investments return anywhere from 5% to 25%. You get to choose the specific loans you want to invest in. Groundfloor loans typically have just a 6-12 month term, so you’re not locked in for years. These loans are secured by the actual real estate and is open to everyone. Best part? The minimum investment is just $10!

Personal Finance Apps

Mint is a personal budgeting, bill tracking, and investment tracking app. You link all of your accounts and it tracks your spending and credit score for free. The two best features are budgets and goals. You can set up budgets in all sorts of categories like Restaurants and Groceries and it will automatically track spending in those categories letting you know when you’re under or over your budget. I may or may not be over my restaurant and bar budget every month. 😜  There are tons of goals you can set up, too. My fave is the debt reduction goal. If you tell Mint you want to pay off your credit card debt, all you have to do is enter a target date and the amount you want to pay toward  your debt monthly and the app will tell you exactly how much to pay to each credit card every month to get it done. Pretty slick.