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how to invest in baby bonds

Pocket-Sized Potential: How to Invest in Baby Bonds for Big Returns

Hello, savvy investors and future finance whizzes! Get ready to dive into the world of baby bonds. I’m Susan Lassiter-Lyons, your financial guide here at My Money My Freedom, and today, we’re exploring the mighty world of these miniature marvels. Baby bonds might sound cute and small, but don’t let their name fool you – … Read more
how bonds work

How Bonds Work: A Guide for the Cool Chicks

Hey there, Cool Chicks of the investment world! Welcome to our deep dive on how bonds work. If you’re ready to dive into the world of investing and add some serious savvy to your financial strategy, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. I’m Susan Lassiter-Lyons, your guide on this exciting journey with My Money My … Read more
debt snowball vs debt avalanche

Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche: Choosing the Best Strategy to Clear Your Debts

So, you’re in debt. And you want to get out of it. I get it. I’ve been there, in fact. After all the Googling, you discovered there are two popular methods have emerged as the go-to strategies for conquering debt mountains: the debt avalanche and the debt snowball. But what does that mean and how … Read more
setting retirement goals

Setting Retirement Goals: Your Path to a Secure and Happy Future

Hello, and a warm welcome to all you amazing women out there gearing up for a bright and secure retirement! I’m Susan Lassiter-Lyons, your guide on this journey to setting retirement goals. Here at My Money My Freedom, we understand that planning for retirement is more than just a financial exercise – it’s about crafting … Read more
roth or traditional ira

The Decision: Roth or Traditional IRA?

We’ve talked about making the call between a 401k vs a Roth IRA retirement account, but what if we add an extra decision to your plate by telling you that you can also choose between a Roth or traditional IRA? Don’t panic! We’re throwing more information at you, yes, but an informed girl is a … Read more
what is the 4% rule

What is the 4% Rule?

Did you know that once you’ve retired the government requires you to sell off 4% of your retirement money every year thanks to the “4% rule?” Yay, another arbitrary rule to live by, amirite? The 4% rule has a long and kinda complicated history. It’s supposed to be a way to determine how much retirement … Read more
best retirement investment plan

Ready, Set, Retire: The Best Retirement Investment Plan

Picture this: You’re lounging on a beach, sipping a piña colada, and enjoying the sweet freedom of retirement. Ahh, the good life! But hold up – to turn that dream into reality, you need to get your retirement investment plan in check, like, yesterday. But don’t worry, love bug, we’re here to help you ride … Read more
Fixed Income Annuities for Retirement Income

Fixed Income Annuities for Retirement Income: Low Yields and High Fees

Are you on the verge of retirement and looking for a steady source of income to sail through your golden years? Fixed income annuities for retirement income might seem like the perfect solution, but hold your horses! In today’s world of low yields and high fees, are these financial instruments really the knight in shining … Read more