Category: Financial Wellness

What Are Vision Boards?

what are vision boards

Fun and crafty tools for organizing and achieving your goals in a visual format. I’ll take, “what are vision boards?” for 500, Alex. (aww, may his memory be a blessing.) A vision board might seem like a good excuse to get some scissors and a glue stick and go nuts cutting out some pictures from…

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The Top Women Worries

women worries

Honestly, I’m a big worrier. I worry about things I can control, I worry about things I can’t control, I worry about my own stuff, I worry about other people’s stuff. I’ve got women worries, y’all. It’s fun. If you’re thinking that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that women…

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Financial Anxiety: How to Deal

financial anxiety

With so much going on at every moment, financial anxiety can really feel like the thing that’s going to make you hit your breaking point. How can you possibly be expected to deal with all the other garbage when you feel like you have no money? Health concerns = medical bills.  Wanting a break from…

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