Check Out How Your Dividends Grow With Our Dividend Growth Calculator

Want to see how your dividends might grow over time? You’re in the right spot. Our Dividend Growth Calculator is super easy to use and perfect for anyone curious about their investment future—whether you’re a savvy investor or just getting started. Just plug in a few numbers, hit ‘calculate,’ and get a sneak peek at how your dividends could stack up in the years to come.

How It Works: Ready to give it a whirl? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Type in the initial dividend you’re starting with.
  • Add the growth rate you think your dividends will grow at annually.*
  • Decide how many years you want to look ahead. Hit that calculate button, and boom! You’ll see your potential dividend growth laid out right in front of you.

Dividend Growth Calculator

*Where to Find Your Dividend Growth Rate

Not sure what growth rate to use? Head over to SeekingAlpha. It’s a fantastic spot to dig up historical dividend data for your stocks. This will help you get the most accurate growth rate for your calculator. Watch this to see where to get the current initial dividend and 5-year average growth rate: