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How is Social Security Calculated?

how is social security calculated

You’ve been working hard all your life and paying diligently into Social Security. But how do you know how much you can count on each month? That, my friend, is the biggest mystery in retirement planning – how is social security calculated? You need to know how Social Security is calculated so you can make…

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5 Steps to Catch Up on Your 401k

catch up on 401k

You’ve worked hard for your money, but if you’re like most people, you haven’t saved enough to live on in retirement. After all, amidst the hustle and bustle of work and daily life, it’s easy to fall behind on your retirement saving. However, there are strategies to fix up your savings and start planning for…

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What is a Lifecycle Fund? The Great Retirement Simplifier

what is a lifecycle fund

Everywhere you look, you probably have people telling you that you need to start planning for retirement. Your parents, your friends, even TV ads – all of them stressing the importance of building a stable financial future for yourself. But how can you possibly add managing your retirement investments to the list of responsibilities you’re…

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Money Magic: What is Compounding

what is compounding

Whether through student loans, investments, or your savings account, you’ve surely been hearing about the importance of managing interest. There are several different types of interest, but for anyone looking to make the most out of their investments and improve their financial situation, knowing the basics of compound interest is a must. So, what is…

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Ep 8 The One About Financial Wellness

financial wellness

Feeling stressed? Focus on your financial wellness. Here’s how.Show NotesFinancial wellness is taking steps to improve your overall quality of life with regard to the way you handle money. It involves paying attention to the big three – budgeting, saving, and investing. In this episode of the My Money My Freedom podcast, you’ll learn:What financial wellness…

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Dividend Growth Investing in 2021

dividend growth investing

The stock market is a tricky place to navigate. There are countless ways to invest, and it can be difficult to know which strategy will work best for you. One of the most popular strategies is dividend growth investing. This blog post will help you understand how dividend stocks work and why they’re the key…

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Ep 7 The One About Suze Orman

suze orman

Suze Orman says you need $10 million to retire. Do you?Show NotesIn this episode, we’re looking at Suze Orman and what she claims you need to have saved to retire early.She says you need $10 million and that “$2 million is pennies.”I share…A look at Suze’s wild claims (and gold briefcase)The 3 things you need…

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