The 7 Types of Investment Income

types of investment income

Today, I want to share with you 7 different types of investment income you can earn. Now, not all the investments you make are going to generate income for you, but your goal should be to fill 50% – 100% of your portfolio with income-producing money machines depending on your age. Here Are The 7 … Read more

What is Dividend Investing?

what is dividend investing

So, you’re wondering “what is dividend investing?” Just know before we even get started that I’m a little in love with you now. Because dividend investing is my jam. Dividend investing is like planting a money tree that drops tasty cash fruit every so often. It’s a strategy that focuses on buying stocks of companies … Read more

What is the Cost Basis of Stock?

cost basis of stock

The investing world is full of different terms and jargon that you often hear thrown around on the news or the Internet, but people rarely ever take the time to really explain what they mean. One of those common phrases is cost basis, more specifically the cost basis of stock. In this article, we will … Read more